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- Thedore Roethke

Daily Mail

Daily Mail

There are few things quite as eerie as a massive cityscape, which appears to be devoid of any inhabitants.

But, throughout China, this sight has become commonplace.

Part of the country's larger plan to move 250 million citizens from rural to urban locations by 2026, hundreds of urban centres have been developed, but are currently sitting deserted, waiting to be occupied.

A young nurse has been named the 'prettiest bride' by Chinese media after trying to save a man on September 21.

Guo Yuanyuan, 25, was shooting her wedding photos on a beach in Dalian, north east China, when she heard a man had drowned, reported People's Daily Online.

She rushed to the scene and tried to resuscitate the man. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, he eventually died.

It's bad enough having to study in the summer heat, but these students have been forced to take shelter from the sun while indoors.

Visitors to Shenzhen Library have been spotted reading under the cover of their umbrellas in the city in southern China, reported the People's Daily Online.

The unusual scene came as a result of the intense sun streaming through the library's floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Footage has emerged of the chilling moment a man on board a Shenzhen Airlines flight tried to set fire to the cabin. 

Flight ZH9648 was plunged into chaos as a passenger attempted to set the plane on fire shortly before it was scheduled to land at 1am on July 26.

The shocking video shows panicked flight attendants trying to pacify travellers amid screams and crying.

The world's largest Disney store was forced to close just an hour after it officially opened as keen Chinese shoppers queued for more than a mile to get inside - the equivalent to nearly the entire length of Oxford Street.

Hundreds of customers waited more than three hours to enter the new 54,000 square feet store in Shanghai, even after it opened its doors at 1.14pm on Wednesday.