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- Thedore Roethke



On Monday, China’s minister of human resources Yin Weimin announced some bad news. To meet the demands of China’s nationwide economic restructuring, 1.8 million workers at state-affiliated coal and steel companies would lose their jobs, one of the largest single layoffs in history.

The time has come to seriously weigh a Hillary Clinton presidency against a Donald Trump one—even in China.

By 2030, more than half of African residents will be living in cities. These cities are being built, in large part, by China—from major roads to government buildings, apartment towers, and sports stadiums.

It may seem a little strange that JD.com—China’s biggest e-commerce company in terms of sales direct to consumers—held a fashion show at New York Fashion Week, but it had good reason. While JD.com was there last night (Feb. 17) to promote the work of rising Chinese designers, including Alicia Lee, Chi Zhang, and Gioia Pan, it was also promoting itself.

In the latest sign that China’s long-touted “opening up” is reversing into a “closing down,” a Chinese ministry has issued new rules that ban any foreign-invested company from publishing anything online in China, effective next month.

When he drives his BMW 3 Series for Uber, Jasper Fu is not really there for the money. Once, when a wealthy lady angered him by accusing him of taking a longer route to earn a higher fare, he finished the ride on the app early, and drove her home for free. He earns 3,000 yuan ($469) a month by driving two hours a day on average—that’s just one tenth of the salary he earns as a sales manager.

China doesn’t mind that its people love foreign goods. It just wants them to buy more of those goods in China.

The number of international students at US universities has hit an all-time high and the biggest group—around 31%—is Chinese students, a number that has jumped fivefold since 2000. As the number of Chinese nationals studying in the world’s most powerful democracy increases, what impact does this have on their views of their home country?

Chinese consumers are expected to purchasebetween 220,000 and 250,000 electric cars this year, making the country the world’s largest market for the vehicles.

The Islamic State, already known for its savvy with English-language media, is now targeting its propaganda at Mandarin speakers, too.

The terrorist group, known as ISIL, released 

.) The singers have a firm grasp of Mandarin pronunciation.
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